Planting caraway seeds - this is how it's done

There are some spices that shouldn't be missing in any garden. This includes e.g. the caraway. Read here how to plant caraway seeds in your garden.

Caraway is one of the easy-care spices

Many ancient records show that the caraway is probably the oldest spice on earth. The cumin, which is about 1 meter tall, is particularly popular for seasoning hearty dishes in order to strengthen their tolerance. In our regions, the cumin is e.g. often used to refine delicious fried potatoes or spice breads.

" Tip:
Caraway tea, caraway schnapps or caraway oil works especially for severe abdominal pain and flatulence!

Since the cumin not only tastes very good, but also works wonderfully against abdominal pain and flatulence, it is best to always have it at home. You can also easily plant it yourself. You only have to consider the following points.

Planting caraway seeds - this is how it's done


The two-year-old caraway plant is one of the easy-care spices and grows almost everywhere with us. When choosing a location, however, you should note that the cumin prefers moist soil. The location can also be sunny, but also moderately partially shaded. Never plant the caraway in pure sandy soils, because these dry out too quickly.

" Tip:
In addition, you should make sure that you plant the caraway a little protected from the wind, as this will help it survive the winter frost.

Caraway seeds are offered as seeds in every gardening store and can be sown thinly scattered about 1.5 to 2 centimeters deep in the ground. The best time for this is March to mid-April. Alternatively, you can also use the caraway as a fruit of e.g. Sow cress (late July to August).

" Tip:
You should then work on the soil beforehand with compost (fertilize). Let it settle for about 2 weeks and only then sow the cumin.


To water:
The caraway is a quite robust, hardy herb plant that usually blooms from April to June of the second year of cultivation. During short periods of drought, however, you should water the caraway, like other herbs in the garden, regularly.

You can fertilize the caraway by working in compost, animal manure or cow dung pellets all around the plant in autumn. Alternatively, you can of course also use a basic fertilizer.

If you have planted the caraway in a low-lime soil, then you should also work lime into the soil.


In the summer months, the caraway fruit slowly turns brown. This is a sign that it can be harvested. You simply have to cut them off.

After harvesting, you need to hang up the caraway seeds to dry. Only when the bundles are really dry can you rub out the caraway seeds and store them in spice jars.